Mornings With Natalie

Confessions Of A Recovering Slob

That’s right, Hi my name is Natalie and I am a recovering slob… No, you won’t find my house on an episode of hoarders and yes if you came over you wouldn’t think I am a slob. But truth be told, I tend to fall on the slob side very easily. Now I would love to defend myself and be like well, I do live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 little ones, a dog and a hubby. Sure that makes things messier faster but I have always been pretty slobbish trust me, my mom would vouch for me. haha.

Now, why would I jump on here and freely insult myself you ask?? Because this is a judge free zone okay well seriously because I want to share real life with you and that means even admitting to the world wide web that I struggle with laundry & organization.

I don’t know what it is but man those are the death of me, I will try and then because I haven’t actually created a habit or routine not sure what to call it. Somehow things end up the same way… In piles and junk, drawers get created. Yes, I said junk drawers because eventually, the junk drawer runs out of space so hello, I have to create another one. I honestly don’t even know why we have a specific drawer dedicated to junk?! Like what is the purpose in that… Or is it just because I am not an organizer…

I want to make this change because I see the effect of a messy house has on myself and my family. Moods tend to be better when the house is put together and I am not having to rush around trying to find clean clothes for the boys or WORSE being woken up early because my hubby can’t find socks before he has to leave for work…

Well, ladies, it is time for a new series and yes I HIGHLY suggest you follow me on Instagram for some motivation and laughter. Because this wife is about to find ways to organize and finally find the PERFECT routine to beat the battle of laundry or as I call it Mount Laundmore…

Let’s talk about routines and ways to make our life just a little bit easier… I can’t remember where I read this but it went a little something like this… ” I cleaned and for the first time my hubby came home and the first thing he saw was me” Ladies that is something we all strive for, let’s figure this out together so that our hubbies greet us and not the messes. Let’s create a haven for our families together.




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