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5 Tips To Becoming More Present

So it was definitely one of those days, Aiden woke up with a cold and well it just went downhill from there. I feel like it was one of his worst colds, simply because he was so needy and whiny. He just didn’t feel good and wanted mama. It’s hard because yes I understood that he wasn’t feeling well but I still wanted to get my own things done. I did have a good laugh though, you see in my journal for a daily intention I wrote be present.

God has a sense of humor that’s for sure….

Ladies be careful what you pray for because he just might give it too you. Or like me, I didn’t think about that until nighttime when I realized God wasn’t going to be like BAM you are present now. It’s through the everyday moments that he gave me the ability to work on being more present. From the cuddles to naptime together. Coloring with my son, hey even eating cake together was a moment I could be present.

We become so busy in our lives that we forget to stop and breath. To take a moment and spend time with our children. I am so guilty of cleaning or talking to a friend that I can ignore my children’s simple need for connection. Those are missed moments I can’t take back. But they are also moments that I can learn from.

I can learn to be more organized with my time and my priorities. It’s funny this blog post was going to be about my day but it has become more of an eye-opener for me. It’s become a lesson for myself. A lesson to learn how to pause, to let go of my selfish desires and to check to myself and ask…Am I doing everything in my power to become an exemplary wife and mother? Or have I given in to my self?

So, today ladies, I encourage you to look at your day and to ask yourself the same question. Did you turn your child away because you were mindlessly scrolling on Pinterest for the 3rd time today? Or did you not prepare dinner because you spent the day shopping and just ran out of time?

Life can busy, I understand that but I know in my own life how what I believe was “busy” sometimes truly was a matter of where I placed my priorities.

I believe in self-care, don’t get me wrong it is important but so is being present and making sure that we place our priorities in the correct order. God, Husband, Kids. I am here to help show you and learn myself that when we do that, there will always be room for self-care.

                 5 Tips for Being Present

  1. Create a To-Do List & How Long It Will Take To Complete The Task
    I am a list maker, but I am also great at not following through. But I have learned that when I create a list but ALSO give the task a time frame I get more things done.
  2. Set Time To Unplug
    That alone will help break the mindless scrolling. It is easier for me if I say unplug in the morning while I am trying to get my oldest out the door for school.
  3. Crock Pot Meals
    You prep it, start it and let it cook throughout the day. Then you have a yummy smelling house and dinner ready to go.
  4. Get Sleep
    Seriously, this is so important, mommy fog is real.. Maybe you need 7 hrs or like me 8 to feel human the next day. Sleep is IMPORTANT. It set’s your mood for the next day.
  5. Plan Your Week
    Decide what days you can go out with friends or have “me time” and stick with it. If you have that plan then you are able to get more things done and not feel rushed.

Ephesians 5:15-16 Pay careful attention, then, to how you live – not as unwise people but as wise. Making the most of the time, because the days are evil.

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