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10 Simple Ways To Make Your Spouse Feel Loved

Between chasing a dog who loves to escape, being a mom to 3 kiddos one who is a toddler, life can be well, hectic at times. I am with my hubby daily but between his work, mom life and starting up a business it can be easy to forget to show your spouse how happy you are to be with them.

Showing your spouse you care about them doesn’t have to be all Lifetime Movie special grand jester. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that truly are the best things at the end of the day. So I created a list of things that I can easily check off in the day and for sure the week. Caring for your marriage is like caring for plants, water them and watch them bloom or forget about it and watch them wilt.

10 Simple Way’s To Make Your Spouse Feel Loved

  1. Write Him A Love Note – Tell him what you love about him and how much you appreciate all that he does.
  2. Cook His Favorite Meal/Dessert – Find out what his favorite meal is and surprise him with it. Maybe he is a dessert man then bake him something special.
  3. Leave A Suprise For Him To Find – Doesn’t have to be costly and hey it could even be an inside joke between you too but the point is to surprise him with a gift. Hey you could also surprise him with some new lingerie😉
  4. Make The House Welcoming When He Get’s Home – Ladies, light a candle or hey if you are making his favorite meal, he is greeted by the delicious smells. Make your home his safe haven, neaten up the kiddos and house and ladies SUPER IMPORTANT… this isn’t a tag it’s your turn moment. Give him a breather, before you go to him with the to-do list or crying kids.
  5. Send Him A Text Message – Send photos of your day, a cute picture of the kiddos. A funny joke or maybe an article about something he finds interesting. Don’t forget to send a flirty text, remind them what they have waiting for them at home😉
  6. 30 Second Kiss – Okay, so this goes along with attention… I read somewhere about how it takes 30 seconds for the endorphins to give you that high, so kiss him. Truly kiss him and hey maybe that mood you weren’t in turns into the mood..
  7. Attention – Let him tell you about his day and not while you are dealing with the kids or cooking, sit down and give him your full attention. The kids can wait and honestly it is truly a good thing for them to see that mommy puts daddy first.
  8. Give Him A Massage or Foot Rub – MEN LOVE TOUCH and no it doesn’t always have to be a sexual thing. They just want to be loved on, so show him how much you love him by rubbing his feet, especially if he is on them all day long. Or like my hubby works a desk job so a massage is perfect. Doesn’t have to be long but it says hey I know you are a hard worker let me relax you.
  9. Watch Something He Likes – My hubby has sat through many sappy lifetime movies with me without complaining. Which taught me to show interest in the things he likes and because we both were willing to show interest we even found things we had in common. Let that inner child come out and play that game with him. You are saying I care enough about you to be interested in your hobbies even if they don’t interest me.
  10. Pack Him A Lunch – Look this isn’t something you have to do every day, but maybe even once a week pack it. A tip – when you are putting away dinner or even as you set the dinner table you can always set aside a lunch for him. Makes packing him a lunch super easy to do.

Marriage is messy and beautiful but to have a marriage truly succeed you have to be willing to put the work into it. I like to think of it as a snowball effect when I put the work into my marriage it goes from being a chore to something that makes me fall in love with him even more. As I am doing these things, my hubby starts putting the work into our marriage and we become stronger as the love for one another grows even more.


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